Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Canterbury swim school

WALT  improve our swimming skills

we know we have done this when

  • we have mastered freestyle
  • we have mastered backstroke
  • we have gained more confidence

because we are surrounded by water in new Zealand being able to swim is very important this week we have started our 10 lesson intensive 2 video below


  1. Ni Hao Jackson My name Is Jazmine From Mamaku hub At Greymain School.
    WOW it looks like you love swimming at the swimming pool i hope you had fun and it looks like you might be a little bit better then me at swimming great job. it looks like you mastered Freestyle.
    what is your favorite thing about swimming.

  2. Kia ora Jackson, I really like your improve our swimming skills post. This reminds me of when I do swimming. What is your favorite stroke? My one is back stroke. Good work. From Kaleb S at Grey Main School.


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