Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

kiwi from jackson

walt:we are making a slide about an animal that we wanted to do i did a kiwi hope you like it.from jackson

chimpanzee in space from jackson

WALT:to right about a chimpanzee in space  it’s not a plant it is our home

I am sleeping i am dreaming.It feel like i am almost in the atmosphere.but i am not in the atmosphere  but i see stars.but then i see earth then the sun it is suning in my eyes but then i start to shack side to side and i get faster and faster and then i think i am going to catch on fire and die but then my parachute come out and i settled down but i was almost at the ground  and i wander in my oner is waiting  outside my house but then i landed and i seen smoke and no trees and my heart stop beting a tort i was going to die but then i touch my mask off the i tort because it was 65 years so i was so so so sadMercury-Atlas 5 Enos with
But then he start to smell the  air and it did not smell fresh like 65 year a go but then a tier went down my eye i was so sad that i was crying then i soltid  wye wye wye there was gun bullets and one was in a man that looked like my dad and one thru my mum.then i went to touch my rockit and i eat the dirt it was so yuk that i spit it out then i said i hope it doesn't kill me.but then 5 year later he died.the end