Friday, June 8, 2018

creative writing

WAlT create a piece of writing which includes 5 words that we have been given this week the words were pink, huge, bridge, sprinkled and daffodil.

One day I was out on a walk with my friend Draved and Jordan in the forest outside my house there is giant and huge daffodils and a sparkling pink bridge. That no one has found yet in 4 years the last owners put it there. I am going to find it. It might take all day and night but I don't care at all not one little bit . I am going to find it the legend has it that there is a path but there is no way to get there so you have to make your own path. It has 30 billion dollar under the bridge you can probably see it from a mile a way or two .

 To get there you have to cut things . That is why we have a chainsaw and a pickaxe and a spade they are diamond and the chainsaw is gold because my family it rich. We got over 800 billion dollars .I have 450 billion I won it is the lottery .The rest we got from other things like working and selling and building car. me and my dad.would build 240z ,240sx , and s15, s14 ,skyline and gtr and supra, hilux and sometimes lambos.

The last owners put a tracker on the chest and I got the code for it .I paid them 30 million for them to give it to me. The tracker says it is 2 hours away this forest must be big OMG . What I see a sparkill and the track actually say 2 minutes a way omg run to that sparkle it might be the bridge. I start walking there it gets bigger and bigger and closer and closer .

 The tracker says 1 minute and 11 seconds it keeps going down but then Draved said help .I did not know what to do help Draved our go to the bridge . I chose to go to the bridge and Jordan will stay with Draved . I start walking again the I see it and run .I got there finally I see a treasure chest. It has not got a lock I am going to have 30 billion dollar more then I have. I will give 15 billion dollar to Draved and 15 billion to Jordan and I get nothing at all .

 I start walking back and I find a trolley that has small quad wheel .I made the hole thing with my dad it also has a engine it is a go cart I sit in the trolley and the chest can sit in front of me will I drive .I hop in and start driving and it work perfectly even though I made it 2 years ago .Man I must make stuff good .I see Draved but I also find a truck I get out of the go cart and I put the chest in the back of the truck. I hop in the driver seat and turn it on it starts .I put it in to 1 gear low range. I turn the key and it turns on.also something good I made.It was going to be a really good off road truck that I was going to take to the houliggans warehouse.But that never happened.

 I drive a little bit more and there is Draved and Jordan.I stop and hop out .me and Jordan lift Draved in to the back seat and close the door.The me and Jordan hop in I drive and Jordan sits in the passenger seat. I start by going slow but the get a little bit faster and faster.Unexpectedly I turn in to the bush and Draved almost falls of the seat.I might of laughed a little bit.We keep hitting the bushes.Jordan start screaming Like a little girl It was really funny. Even Draved was laughing a little. I was almost back at my driveway but I turned and go on to the road.Jordan said what are you doing I said I am going to the doctor for Draved. He said that Draved will be ok but I said no he will not.Well I am going to the doctor anyway because I am driving I said.Plus the doctor is on the way to your house Jordan I will drop you off.Ok you can said Jordan.

 Your house is right there I stopped and Jordan got out the I locked the doors on him so he can not get back in. I start driving again and I am almost at the doctor when we got there I went in and said my friend can not move please come 3 doctor with a stretcher comes out.I lift Draved up and on to it.After the doctors said I can leave so I hop back in the truck and start driving I go past Jordan's house and stop.I hop out and open the boot and grab a empty case and put half of the money in side.Then I run to the door and put it down and knock and the run back the the truck and hop in and drive as fast as a cheetah.Unfortunately there was a cop and it pulled out and sirens were on I slowed and stopped.But I had a plan when he came over I was going to speed of since I don't have plates.

 The officer hopped out and walked over he said hi I am Adam from the New Zealand county police.But then I speed off and he cant follow me I get to my house and he is not coming.I park up in my garage and the run inside .My dog mr funny pants is there and he woofs the I go to bed since it is getting pretty late.It was 10.00 o'clock I hop into bed but the i hear siren and it is right outside hide under my bed he will not find be continued

Friday, May 18, 2018

My magical creature 100 wc

walt describe a magical creature that lives in the pink lake or animal hospital I see a pink lake it looks like there is a creature it looks like a unicorn with a half human half robot head. The body is black and pink the head has a pink eye on the robot side of the head.I get my telescoop out and then I look at it . It has a tag. It said pink eye it had a phone number on it. It said 021 083 0456 032.I rang the number it sad hello my name is Doctor Evil Eagle. I see you have found my creature I made. Yes I have.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Rata and the waka

we have been doing some critical thinking with the story of Rata and his waka

Friday, May 4, 2018

haunted house

WALT to use 100 words to write a story

One night I was in my bed and someone in my dream SHOUTED “Go to your grandma’s grave  at that haunted house!” The next morning i packed my bag and hopped in my car and i was off. It was a misty morning. I saw something that was  crimson red, the gate was right in front of me. I frantically got out and opened the gate, then my car randomly drove in by itself and parked. It was so weird and a bit scary so I hopped back in my car i drove of as fast as i could. zooooom.

Friday, April 13, 2018

art attack

this term we have been creating pieces of art art our kaupapa has been art attack we have done
- self portraits
- pastel and dye
- dye and ink
- 3d construction
- siloutte art

take a look at some of our creations

Creative Thinking Explanation Writing 2

we have  been learning how to write explanations  using different scenarios we have to choose 3 objects to solve the problem and then write how we used them

Paikea and the whale

we have been using higher order thinking skills to complete our maori myth and legend slide presentations.