Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Mihi

WAL our mihi.
We know we have done this when we speak clearly and confidently.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Rio rainforest

Rio rainforest
I am a black panther I come out of a bush it is as green as a green apple I am going to race a cheetah it is not faster then me I think I think I am going to bet it.we get ready to race 3 2 1 go i am in 2nd the cheetah is in first  by 2 seconds then I pass him then we go round the  corner then I am in 2nd no I am in 1st then we run another 10 km then we get to the end and I win the cheetah slows down and he stops then I slow down then I am you say bolt no I am a panther no I am you say bolt.then I run to the cliff with all the other opticians.

Dream giver

Dream giver

WALT use adjectives and similes in our writing.

One day I was giving out dream’s and then I gave one to a girl she wanted to be a ballerina so I gave her a  ballerina dream see was as happy as can be then I gave a boy a dream that was an astronaut And the was so happy the he smiled then I give a boy an baseball dream and then another boy a miusic it  was like he was playing the drums .  Then a egg fells and bracks .Then the astranort went in the book and a dragon comess to him dut I save him.The the boy wakes up.then I go out.THE END


Thursday, August 11, 2016

wal the kupu for the olympics

we know we have done this when we have a correct image for each kupu hou