Wednesday, June 15, 2016

kiwi from jackson

walt:we are making a slide about an animal that we wanted to do i did a kiwi hope you like it.from jackson


  1. Hello Jackson I like your kiwi slide I think it was a good slide
    I think you need more fact's but it was all good James

    1. thank you james i do need more fact's jackson

  2. Kia ora Jackson. That slide was very good. It is interesting that one of the dangers to a Kiwi is a human. It is sad that the Kiwi is endangered. That reminds me when I was on Stuart Island and we looked in the rain to try to find a Kiwi. Have you ever seen a Kiwi in their natural habitat?

  3. hello its callum I'm just practicing how to use this to show you how to


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